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"Our work with Andrea, of ILM consulting, has set our school on a trajectory we haven’t seen in previous years. Her keen eye for instruction is unmatched and brings high expectations to the classroom."

Nadia A. Bennett, High School Principal

Our Impact

Outcomes-Driven School Leader Coaching

  • Created tools and processes to equip one leader to develop an individualized master schedule for 500 students with differentiated offerings to meet students' needs, including: tiered math and reading interventions, electives, honors, advanced placement, ACT Prep, and a STEM course.

  • 100% of leaders agree that support assisted them in making better informed-decisions and included useful resources.

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Practice-Oriented Instructional Coaching

  • Equipped one partnering school to expand coaching capacity 4x through training their teacher leaders to implement ILM's coaching model.

  • 100% of Instructional Coaching participants marked "agreed" or "strongly agree" that coaching program is relevant for their needs and the needs of their school.

Targeted Professional Learning Workshops

  • When asked, 100% of participants indicated that Deliberate Practice cycle had most impact in acquiring concrete skills. 

  • School leaders cite observable increase in student engagement through professional development and customized, content-based differentiated material

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