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Robert Parker

Charter School Leader & Member of The Fellowship

"At the start of the school year, school leaders want to make sure new and veteran teachers get the support they need to have a successful year. Andrea was able to create tailor-made professional development series for our novice and veteran teachers. After rolling out these series to our teachers, we saw an increase in teachers providing clear directions,  monitoring and reinforcing expectations and an increase in student engagement."

"Andrea’s experience driving break through student achievement results as a teacher and administrator sets her apart from other consultants. The support that ILM has provided has definitely positioned our staff to drive toward better student outcomes."

"I highly recommend ILM Consulting Group for your school or organization."

Principal Nadia A. Bennett

Charter School Principal & School Board Member

"...Andrea, of ILM Consulting, has set our school on a trajectory we haven’t seen in previous years. Her keen eye for instruction is unmatched and brings high expectations to the classroom."

"We used her materials to train our staff and they were pushed to be reflective about their practice, as well as practice key skills to become better educators. She, in a nutshell, is brilliant. Our school year is off to a great start, due in part to the support of ILM Consulting."

Shemanne Davis

Senior Dean, Relay Graduate School of Education- Philadelphia & Camden

"ILM's leaders seek to deeply understand the context and needs of their clients and partners. While working with Relay GSE, ILM was thoughtful in their questioning and observation of our instructional practices to best serve our teachers. Andrea consistently sought feedback to ensure she met our instructional standards. We were very impressed by their ability to quickly respond to needs and requests and by their ability to create strong communication and accountability systems. They have an important role to play in teacher and leader development in Philadelphia and Camden."

"We strongly recommend their suite of services."

Principal Lisette Agosto

High School Principal, Philadelphia School District

"[ILM Consultants] took the time to listen thoughtfully to our needs, made their own observations, and communicated regularly with the coach trainees and with administration, which helped in getting everyone to work as a team. The teachers involved requested more and we are looking forward to another great year as partners with ILM."

"I would highly recommend ILM Consulting. They are very knowledgeable and you can trust that the job will get done exactly how you envisioned it."

Efe Odeleye

Co-Founder & CEO of Achievers Early College Prep

"Working with Andrea and ILM has been instrumental in helping us design our [instructional] program. We were always pleased with ILM's professional, high-quality outputs, and range of support."

Sean P. Ryan

Teacher Leader & Instructional Coach, School District of Philadelphia

"[ILM's coaching] program was an amazing resource. It helped me to combine the lens of a collaborative peer offering support with the actual analytical nature of an administrative observation measuring teacher effectiveness."


"ILM has been such a huge help... Thank you, Andrea!"

Valencia Peterson
Executive Director, ODAAP

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